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We wanted to inform:

We respect owner copyrights to ther materials - Dear User you shouldn't put/upload on service FilmyHD.pl any materials, to which you dont have any rights - also materials what have copyrights (Nobody shudent put/upload anything without your knowledge and permission what is your property.
To help protect the copyrights we agree and obay comments or procedures for the prevention of violations - the comments and procedures established including by Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

If you seen, that somebody without you'r knowlage and permission used or rewrite/write in FilmyHD.net serviece andy materials, to whih you have copyrights or other rights, whose authenticity can not be challenge, please infor us and we will immediately make steps in accordance with the law.

To make shure that the service "FilmyHD.net"will be aple to quickly and efficiently respond to your comments, please contact us by sending the text note to current e-mail: admin@filmyhd.net
Please write the name for title message "CopyRights - infringed/broken ".
Please provide the following information:

* Precise details of materials that you believe violates your include copyrights

* Data, that will allow us to locate the materials for which you are shure that have violates your copyright
(for example: name, the link to materials, data about the person what make them available. : login, e-mail , etc. )

* Your contact details by which we can contact you (name, address, telephone number and e-mail)

* A statement that you are convinced that the use of materials in a manner for which you are not sure of is not authorized by the appropriate entity or by his duly authorized representative, who are amongst others full copyright, and that it's incompatible with the existing legal order

* Ensure that all information contained in your statement are correct, accordance with law and that you are the owner or a person authorized by him to protect the exclusive rights which according to you or your principal have been infringed/violated.
Remember that any false information may be your reason for criminal responsibility !!!

* Your signature (regular or electronic) if you are entitled, among others to protect the exclusive rights of copyright, which have been violated by you or an ordinary or electronic signature of the owner of those rights

Your comments should be directed to the administration of the department FilmyHD.net through contact or directly to the
Administrator - admin@filmyhd.net

With Regards
FilmyHD.net Team